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Women & Weights FREE 14 Day New Year Fitness Challenge!

What is the Women & Weights 14-Day New Year Fitness Challenge?
This is a FREE 14 Day New Year Fitness Challenge designed to address the real reasons why women struggle to get active and stay active. It is not because you haven’t found the right workout plan. It’s because you struggle with finding motivation which leads to inconsistency in your workouts. If you’re not consistent you will not see any results. You are not alone! This fitness challenge will show to the right things to focus on to finally see lasting change.


As we manage Covid-19 Women & Weights Small Group Training remains ONLINE!

To participate you will need to a yoga mat, water bottle, running shoes and handheld weights like dumbbells or resistance bands. Classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30PM through Zoom video call. Class space is limited so you must pre-register before coming. Click below for more details about Women & Weights Online

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