A crucial aspect in the health of communities is safety. Right now, feeling safe is not a reality for the Black community. The recent publicized events of anti-Black racism carried out by police and civilians resulting in countless murders of Black people in the United States and Canada are traumatic to the Black community. It is imperative that intentional tools are put in place for the Black community to begin to cope and heal. It is for this reason the BIPOC Together Community Workout was created. This event allows for a safe exercise space for BIPOC people to come together in support of the Black community and use exercise as an outlet of the effects of community trauma.

HEAL is seeking community partnerships in order to be able to offer the BIPOC Together Community Workouts as an ongoing healing space. Partnership will allow for fitness equipment such as yoga mats and dumbbells, attendee transportation, water, food and cleaning supplies to keep shared equipment safe for all to use.The continuation of this event will significantly support the mental health and overall well-being of the Black community in Winnipeg.


The EmpowHERment Boot Camp has a mission to build community support, create safe spaces for women to explore their physical abilities in the weight room; all while raising funds for women and girls in need. Since it’s creation in 2019 we have celebrated International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and hosted a summer party and raised over $1,500 for women in our community.

Thank you to our sponsors who continue to support the work done through the EmpowHERment Boot Camp.