Covid-19 has hit our community hard and now more than ever we need a space to refocus on health and wellness. With physical gyms and fitness centers closed until further notice you might be wondering how to get effective workouts in to maintain your hard earned progress made in the gym. Welcome to the only place you need to be to not only maintain the fitness progress you made in the gym before Covid-19 struck but surpass it!

Women & Weights Small Group Training

Women & Weights Small Group Training is a training program specifically designed for women. The class combines muscular endurance and strength training in a fun motivating group setting.

What the Women are Saying!

Going to my first Women & Weights class was intimidating, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It turns out I “got myself into” a really supportive, fun group of ladies. Chinwe has taught me how to become stronger (safely) and the group has kept me sane, encouraged, and laughing whenever I’ve felt like I can’t do something…and it almost always turns out I can. Not only did this help me physically, but my anxiety decreased, my cravings for healthier food increased (which Chinwe also helps with as a registered dietitian!), and I have become way more confident. Thank you so much, Chinwe, and I can’t recommend Women & Weights enough! Try it!

-Katie S.

Women & Weights classes provides a safe, fun, and positive group work out environment. I’ll admit, I am quick to give up when I work out alone, so having the girls around keeps me accountable, and motivated. I always appreciate having Chinwe’s support during the work out as I often feel I need correction on proper form and technique during the exercises to prevent injuring myself. I’ve learned how to do these exercises properly since attending her classes. Would highly recommend Women & Weights classes.

-Tiffany L.

Women & Weights is dynamic, fun and just the right amount of challenging. I appreciate how Chinwe provides personal attention to each member of the class, and is able to modify the exercises to be more or less difficult based on that person’s needs. I often leave class feeling stronger, more energized and confident in my body’s abilities.

-Katie D.

Classes are held at the Assiniboine Athletic Club (401-83 Garry Street) and require pre-enrollement. Email